Nabla — the isometric color font

by Arthur Reinders Folmer & Just van Rossum

Nabla. Isometry, typeable

Isometry is once again cutting edge with Nabla, the isometric color font! Nabla showcases unprecedented possibilities and customization, allowing you to create bold and vibrant designs. Inspired by vintage computer games and using the isometric cube as a starting point, it goes beyond pixel-lettering, creating new lettershapes suitable for the technology of today.

And best of all, it’s open source and free to use!

Nabla does not work in all browsers, check for current support here


Cutting edge technology

Designed by Arthur Reinders Folmer (Typearture) and engineered by Just van Rossum, Nabla is built using the new COLRv1 color-font format, allowing smooth gradients, sharp highlights and blended shadows to be captured inside a font-file. Internal palettes give the option for ready-made color swaps, while implementation on the web allows you to choose your own hues.

And Nabla is more than just a color font, as its variable axes allow highlights and extrusion depth to be changed, making it a typographic playground you can customize to your hearts content.

What is COLRV1?

What is COLRv1?

COLRv1 is a an updated version of the COLR color font system, which is already supported by all browsers. This new version allows even more techniques that can be used to creating vibrant typography, and offers fully customizable color palettes and variables. COLRv1 supports graphic effects such as gradients, layer effects the use of pattern-fills and much more. Currently COLRv1 is only supported in Chrome, but Firefox will follow soon!


Test it out!

Now it’s time to give Nabla a spin yourself! Play around in the customizer below, or download Nabla and implement it on your own webpage. And make sure to let your favorite app developer know you want COLRv1 support in their software, I mean, wouldn’t it be great to use Nabla in Figma or Adobe apps?

Give Nabla a
go yourself!

Nabla is a new ambassador for the COLRv1 font-file specification, and hopefully it will be able to shine in every browser and app soon.

Nabla is currently only supported in Chrome.

get Nabla at Google fonts github repository

Nabla is licensed under SIL Open Font License 1.1, view the license for more information.

Arthur Reinders Folmer / Typearture

Just van Rossum

Nabla was made possible by
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